The first mistake most beginners make is having no concise plan. A plan in business or from an entrepreneur's point of view is to have a clear road map that you must follow the directions or steps in achieving the future of your business goal or arriving at your set goals. Having no plan in business means your business won't have a direction and likewise you. A business plan includes a financial plan, maintenance plan and other set goals that serves as a footprint for your business.

One of the most second mistakes made by beginners is spending too much money in the beginning - When you spend a lot of money on a new business plan without being calculative of your profit and capital then you're likely to have a major setback in business and that is why you need to have a business plan that includes a financial plan, which gives you the direction of how much money you should spend and a possible outcome.

Expecting fast results for no effort - most beginners when they have just embarked on a plan, they expect a quick outcome whereas many successful plans that remain stable don't normally give fast results, it is just like building a legacy while putting in no effort. So in other to get a good result, you will need to calm down and keep on building and working on your plan until you achieve that goal or result in you are expecting.

Hiring too soon - Some beginners employ immediately after setting out a plan, of course, there's nothing wrong with employing too soon. But employing above the number of employees you really need at a start will cost you. So you need to look at the key areas that you really need someone to fill up before proceeding. The rule is that you should employ more when your business starts growing.

Not surveying the potential clients - It Is wrong to venture into a plan without surveying the potential clients you're expecting. When surveying your client, you need to be very clear about the types of survey you want to carry out, you don't have to make decisions about what your clients wants and what they think about.

Copying others - copying others without adjusting to suit you or your potential clients or customers may make you fall woefully. It is okay to go with what is trending in the market. that's fine! But add some features to make yours a bit unique.

Not passionate about your business - Meanwhile being passionate about your business or work may not pay your bills but will definitely motivate you. This simply mean being determined about what you're doing, working hard until you achieve your set goals.

Doing it alone - doing it with other people, it may be your co-workers or an employee will make you grow faster than doing it just alone.

Thinking busy is productive - being busy isn't the same as being productive. You can be busy and not productive, maybe because you aren't doing it the right way or you're missing something. Until you make some changes or fixes.

Not starting Today - As the sayings goes, it has never been too late to start, any day, anytime is always the right time but starting to plan today is the best time.