Snapchat to stop promoting President Trump's account. This week Snapchat announced that they will no longer promote President Donald's Trump's posted contents in its Discovery section, the company in a press release added that it will not support voices that incites or promotes racial violence.

Cristian Ronaldo becomes the first footballer to be a Billionaire, Joins the other 2 sportsman who have achieved this milestone in history, Tiger Woods, Floyd Mayweather and now Cristiano Ronaldo.

Protest broke out in Mexico over the death of a Mexican man called Para Giovanni Lopez who died shortly after 10 Police men brutalized him while in their custody. Mexicans are staging protests across the country as they demand justice for Giovanni, The protest is also a movement to call on the government to end police brutality, while the riot is fast spreading in Mexico.

The U.S. embassy in Mexico City is on lockdown after rioters threw rocks and molotov cocktails at the building as they protest police brutality in the country.

Guadalajara Mexico Protest for the death of Para Giovanni Lopez while in the police custody. Protest however turned violent, ending with setting a police officer on fire who immediately roll on the ground was helped to quench the fire.

Nigeria is on the rise of overtaking any other west African with a rise of rape and murder, as not less than 4 students have been reportedly murdered after being raped. The Senate begins to make a severe punishment for perpetrators involve in the act. The country is now confirming rape and murder every 4 Days. (this will be refreshed on Nigerian news)

Another day, another missing girl in Canada. Celeste Lacendre Napope, 14, was last seen on Sunday, May 24, 2020.

Kanye West Donates $2 Million dollars to pay tuition fees for George Floyd's daughter and support others. Joins Black Lives Matter protest in Chicago.

The four officers involved in George Floyd death has been charged with a new and severe charge, Derek Chauvin who placed his knee on George Floyd was charged with a second degree murder while the other 3 who aided him are charged with aiding and abetting a second degree murder. According to CNN, All four officers have been charged.