The protest which started last week in the United States and quickly spreaders all over the states of the US is reaching other countries, as more than 20 countries is now confirmed to have participated today while the protests is still going on, it's fast spreading like what we have never seen before.

Hundreds of thousands take the streets in France in support of Black Lives Matter. They demand an end to racism, impunity, human rights abuses, and U.S. street executions of civilians. 

First Worldwide Black Out Tuesday, a global revolutionary movement accompanying the campaign #BlackLivesMatters, to call on the Government for policy reform such as Police reform, and to mourn for the Death of George Floyd while demanding justice.

Has anyone else been killed since then ? Yes, David Mcatee, and others.

Drake has donated $100, 000 as a bailout fund to help Protesters who are locked up.

Floyd Mayweather has offered to cover the funeral expenses of George Floyd.

All over the world, almost every celebrity has Campaigned, supported the BLM, and demand Justice for George Floyd.

Sweden, people are organizing an online protest in support of Black Lives Matter due to COVID19. They said they will like to show solidarity with their family, brothers & sisters in the United States. 

Norway shows support with Black Lives Matter by demonstrating in front of the U.S. embassy in Oslo. Norwegian police also joined the protest shocked at U.S. impunity and street executions. A larger protest is scheduled for Friday.

Antifa Protesters in Italy surround U.S. military bases in solidarity with Black Lives Matter, demand an end to impunity, racism, and U.S. street executions.

In France, just like in the United States, There's a massive protest taking place, primarily over the street execution of Adama Traoré, whose murder by police is unpunished. 

Hundreds of thousands all across Spain take the streets across major cities to demand an end to impunity, racism, and abuse in the U.S. and in Spain, as well as an end to the US street executions of civilians. 

Hundreds of thousands across Denmark take to the streets. Demand an end to U.S. impunity and State-sanctioned street executions. Thousands on the streets and from their windows chant "Black Lives Matter".

Protestors in Ireland hold one of the largest protests in Dublin's history, demanding that the U.S. end impunity and street executions of civilians. Hundreds of thousands chant "Black Lives Matter."

Thousands of protestors in Australia take over the streets in a massive solidarity demonstration with Black Lives Matter. Demand an end to impunity and State-sanctioned street executions in the United States.

Thousands of protestors in Germany surround the US Embassy in Berlin chanting "Black Lives Matter" and demand that the United States stop street executing civilians.

New Zealand holds one of the largest Black Lives Matter protests outside of the United States. Global Unity Now, No More Impunity.

United Nations urges those protesting racial inequities and excessive police force to do so peacefully and they call on U.S.A leaders to listen to the Protesters.

Protestors in Ghana and Nigeria call for actions as they protest outside the US Embassy in solidarity with Black Lives Matter and against racism, impunity, and state-sanctioned street executions.  

Canadian PM Trudeau pauses for 21 seconds before answering when asked to comment on U.S. U.S. dictator Donald Trump's threat to use military force against protesters.

Joe Biden, The US presidential candidate has been invited to the funeral of George Floyd by George's family and he have accepted the invitation. 

We will be updating as the events develop.

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