Just In: The World Health Organization has just declared Ebola virus outbreak spreading in the Equateur province (a country in Southern America) and Democratic Republic of the Congo, while 6 cases have been detected, 4 deaths have been reported so far, There's contact tracing and efforts are being put in place to detect where the virus have reached.

WHO have just alarmed on Twitter "A new outbreak of Ebola is occurring in Equateur province, DRC. 6 cases detected so far, including 4 deaths. WHO surge team already on the ground supporting the response. Contact tracing in Mbandaka, DRC is underway. Work is ongoing to send additional supplies to support the government-led response to this new Ebola outbreak. 25 more people expected to arrive tomorrow.

This announcement comes as a long and complex Ebola outbreak in eastern DRC is in its final phase on 14 May, Minster SanteRDC began the 42-day countdown to the declaration of the end of that outbreak, while the country also battles COVID-19 and the world's largest measles outbreak. "

New NBC report dated 9th of June states that at least up to 12 people have being confirmed to be infected with the Ebola virus.

Credit: World Health Organization.