This week we have picked a list of things that consumes a lot of time and things we have not been doing that lead to lack of our daily time. Below are the lists of things that steals our daily time.

1. Work in blocks.

Working in Blocks means allowing no distraction while working on a specific task, Pick something specific and work on it, you can block out a specific time on your note in a calendar indicating what you need to do when it's time and the exact time. 

Yes, working on a scheduled time actually saves you a lot of time instead of working on multiple tasks at a time which you may not possibly finish one at the end of the day. According to Better health, starting your blocks with smaller tasks and also being realistic about what you really want to do can also help you save a lot of time.

2. Do the most important tasks in the AM. It has been observed that most tasks are completed and effectively done during AM when your brain is still fresh. BusinessKnowhow also suggests that making your todo list the night before is a great way of planning your next day ahead which of course will save you a lot of time and be up to tasks.

3. Plan your week in advance. This is quite easy, noting down your plans for next week is one thing every successful person does or people who want to maximize their time, when you plan your week ahead, it keeps you up to date on things you should accomplish first "First Thing First". 

4. Be good at planning and organizing. Planning and organizing your daily tasks saves time, and you should try to be good at organizing them so as to avoid clashes or multi at a go. 

5. One task at a time (no multitasking). Doing one task at a time actually makes things lot easier for you, let's say for example you picked two articles to write (multi-tasking), and you keep switching from one to another because you keep getting stuck along the lines, at the end of the day, there's a possibility that you may actually not achieve both if not any. 

6. Write stuff down so you don't forget. All devices have a note App or feature, Google notes, Apple Notes, and if your phone doesn't have any Notes App then you should download on Google Playstore or App Store.

7. Don't be busy just to be busy. Getting busy with unnecessary things just to be easy isn't working in or even exercising in anyway. this doesn't help you but ONLY STEAL YOUR TIME. 

8. Always set reminders on your phone. Setting reminders with a reminder title of what you have to do at that time will make you disciplined, Setting an alarm for a time you need to wake up, go to work, do some tasks, take a nap is a necessity to a disciplinary life.

9. Cut down the time you spend on TV/Netflix. If you're really planning to build a goal or complete a task then by now you should realize that watching TV all the time can be a great distraction, Not concentrating will make you keep postponing or rescheduling your tasks. 

10. Find tasks to eliminate or automate. Pick the most important tasks that you must eliminate that day before the next day, others may be carried over if you can't complete them.

11. Disable notifications for useless apps. Apps that don't matter you or could be a distraction for you, should be disabled when you leave notifications on for apps that may distract you rather than apps that you actually need, It consumes your time. 

12. Limit your social media time. Going to social media only when you're free, or when you want to take some break from tasks will really help you in saving time. 

13. Unsubscribe from useless emails. Spam emails can be annoying and disturbing, it is not advisable to turn off notifications for your emails, but if you keep getting frequent emails from a specific mail(s) then unsubscribe from them instead. Because they will keep taking you to your mailbox to read irrelevant mails, thereby consuming your time.

13. And lastly Don't just do anything. - delegate, Don't be a perfectionist at all the time, Learn how to say no to irrelevant things during relevant times.