According to Legal Access, Nigeria now has approximately more than 72,000 Prisoners of which 70% of them are likely to spend their lifetime in Prison, and not because they are guilty, but because of lack of access to a lawyer and their cases have not been investigated while the figures keep accumulating. 

A week ago, Jerryfrankson came across Legal Access, a Non-Government legal organization that aims at providing free legal services to indigent members of the society, which had just fought for the freedom of an inmate who has been in prison for 7 years without trial, according to him most of this inmates are wrongly accused and sent to prison and with no access to a lawyer, they are left to remain in prison for as long as it takes in a worst-case scenario "for a lifetime".

The Organization (@LegalAccessF on Twitter) further states that there are of course worse cases than the just-released inmate who have been in prison for 7 years without trial, "There are more than 72,000 prison inmates in Nigeria. Of that number, 70% are awaiting their trials. The reason most people are in prison is due to poverty. They lack the means to pay lawyers for their legal services. Our services are free. We use our money to help indigents." They said.

The main reason some of them are still in prison is due to poverty, they lack the means to hire a lawyer who will pursue their cases. The Nigerian prison service system now Nigerian Correctional Service has undergone some reforms, However, about 70% of the total inmates which are awaiting trial are not given free legal access until a nonprofit organization intervenes, the lack of the government to provide free legal access to those who don't have the money to hire a lawyer have led to not just prison congestion but over-population in Nigerian Prisons.

More updates will be provided soon on Nigerian news.