If it hasn't been easy or you to upgrade your job or even find a job, then we have examined a new haven for jobs. we have done a thorough research and we figured out that of all the most popular social media networks ranging from Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. They are built with a sore purpose for social interactions among a group of people who shares interests. But that's not the case for LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is focused and based on employment and opportunities, It has little or almost no social networking experience as everyone on LinkedIn is either recruiting people for a job or looking for a new job or to upgrade his or her current job. LinkedIn Connections - One of the tools and most important functions on the Platform. In other to be able to get first-hand job applications, you should also focus on building your connections on LinkedIn. We are going to discuss the Process below.

Firstly, You need to download the LinkedIn app on Google Playstore or any other App Store. It appears as LinkedIn: Jobs, Business News, and Social Networking. Create a LinkedIn Account which is very easy. Now it's time to build that connections you need for the job you're aiming at.

Of course, nobody is going to accept a connection from a dormant account that appears to be empty, it is what people look at first, however, most of the LinkedIn Users hardly visit Profiles except when they are looking for recruits. Although, when you send a connection, your profile picture, name, Your place of graduate, and current or former work appears on the outlook for a glance. So you need to make sure you set up your account to look professional or just moderate.

LinkedIn may want to access your contacts to connect you with your contacts which comprises of friends and family but if you're joining the platform for employment, looking for Job or want to recruit, business, and entrepreneurship purposes then deny it access to your contacts. Because they will keep on recommending either your contacts or the connections of your contacts which may be people you are not looking for their connections. Just as Facebook will recommend your friend's friend to you or Twitter will recommend "Do You Know This Person?.

So, LinkedIn will give your their system recommendations based on your profile, your current or former Job, School, or skills and what you're looking for. Looking for a Job? Set it up on LinkedIn. Then click "My Networks" from your homepage, glance through the profiles their algorithm have shown you, your first 10 connections should be people working for either a company or an organization, a known one is also recommendable, Then send them a "Connect" which will be "Pending" after they accept, the person or organization becomes your connection. Then proceed to look for "Recruiting pages" you will be shown recruiting pages in your country or even states, Follow them. Do not stop the first step, continue to send connections until you have enough. This also increases your chances in search engines.

A lot of connections on LinkedIn, share recruiting jobs from companies or organizations recruiting, and yes, most LinkedIn Recruiters are one of those that accept Online Course Certificates during application. What is an Online Course Certificate? There are worldwide certified and international approve online educational services and programs now, like Allison or Even Google Courses, They offer you a large variety of courses ranging from Entrepreneurship, Business managements and social media networking or marketing skills among others, You make your choice and choose to learn, some takes just a week or less while others take a month, after you have passed the test or exam at the end of the course you are certified in that course, since the advent of internet and education coming together, Online courses are now widely accepted and some are as cheap as low or less than $10. Depending on the course you have embarked on. And this courses can also be accepted in some institutions in Nigeria, some Nigerian newspapers accept online degrees, online courses certificates.

LinkedIn also helps you appear in Job searches, and This may be depending on your profiles. As you can see below, our profile has appeared in 31 Searches in less than 7 days, and It also shows what your searchers do.Jerryfrankson JF LinkedIn Profiles - Knowledge on How to Use LinkedIn for Employment purposes.

Looking at the new improvements on LinkedIn to connect businesses and employments together and how the platform has helped recruiters to discover new skills, and those looking for a job "land" at their Dream job, we see LinkedIn: A Haven For Jobs.

Do note that LinkedIn have limitations to the number of connections you should send at a go. Like for example you shouldn't send more than 20 or 30 connections at a time, it may consider you as not human while sending you this note "Invitation Restrictions

Your LinkedIn account may be temporarily restricted from sending invitations to people for the following reasons:

You've sent many invitations within a short amount of time.Many of your invitations have been ignored or left pending by the recipients.You should make the most of your network size by only having quality connections in your network."

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