Cynthia Morgan addresses the Public concerning the truth about her contract agreement, she still insists everything she said was infact what transpired between her and her former management, Northside Inc. She also gives shout out to Davido who is willing to collaborate with her on a new song. On Wednesday morning she posted a song emoji and 100% indicating everything is almost ready.

Her Letter "However, in telling my story, I have not lied but only shared my story as it happened from my own point of view. Also, I allowed the hurt and pain from the past dealings to take over my emotions but I'm moving on, I appreciate everyone clamoring for my return both online and offline. I'm also asking Cynthia Morgan fans all over the world for understanding and patience on the new journey we are about to embark on. I, Cynthia Morgan, would like to use this platform to appreciate all the love, well wishes and so, support from everyone showing love to me, my health, and my well being. A huge appreciation to Upfront With Sandra whose platform my story was told.

Appreciation goes out to Davido for reaching out and other brands who reached out. I won't take this new opportunity for granted. My heartfelt appreciation once again goes to Jude and JOY. It is the pain speaking, not Cynthia. Thanks for giving me the platform to grow the Cynthia Morgan brand. I have learned the importance of opening-up and sharing when one is going through challenges in life as mine is a testament to this. Appreciation to all media houses and blogs, Thanks for your support and allow me to formally introduce THE MADRINA to the world. A lot has happened in the past. Other parties involved had their fair share of bathing me, but we all make mistakes. I was younger and new in the industry and in retrospect, some things could have been done differently instead of left unresolved. "

Recall that Jude Okoye releases her contract agreement saying everything she's saying is not true. - Details