We have detailed some of the most important key agreements and issues in the Contract between Cynthia Morgan and her formal management, Jude Okoye, The Chairman and Founder of NorthSide Music Inc Artist, A Recording label. In this Agreements, The contract was a 360 deal, which was due to only expire after 4 years from September, 2013 of which Cynthia Morgan now Madrina intended to leave the label before the expiration of the deal, According to Documents and Agreements obtained by Jerryfrankson. Recall 3 days ago Cynthia Morgan appeared on Instagram Live Video accusing the former management for dropping her from the label, stripping her off her stage name Cynthia Morgan, and all of her loyalties. But in this contract agreements signed by both parties. Everything is clearly explained and why she can't use her stage name Cynthia Morgan anymore.

It Stated that. THIS AGREEMENT is for the services of music and/or entertainment described below between Northside Music Inc and Cynthia Morgan (Artist) under the following terms (includes accompanying musicians and/or entertainers as described below, hereinafter referred to as ARTIST) and the Company who is to provide. Executed and effective this September 25th, 2013. IT IS HEREBY UNDERSTOOD. That the Artist performs under the name (Cynthia Morgan), This is the reasons why she is not allowed to use her stage name Cynthia Morgan anymore and the dancehall queen has decided to come back with a new stage name Madrina.


A. TERM.  This shall continue thereafter for 4 years with a 2 years option renewal. This is a 360 deal


1. PRODUCTION. The company agrees to produce three master recordings consisting of songs written and performed by Artist (hereinafter referred to as the ' Songs '. The resulting recording (hereinafter referred to as the " Recording " ) shall include music of not less than forty (40) minutes in playing duration and 10 or more record per album, and shall be of a quality which is equal to master recordings normally produced for commercial distribution. NorthSide Music owns the masters to all albums.

3. COSTS. The company shall be responsible for 50 percent of costs incurred in video production and all major costs in promoting and branding artists. As a new artist with no financial backing, NorthSide music would put up 100 percent and deduct the 50 percent expense from Gross Profit received from artist earning.

8. COMPLETION AND RELEASE. The First Recording shall be completed and prepared for release and distribution on or after Company and Artist acknowledge that time is of the essence in the completion of the Recording, and each agrees to exercise all reasonable means to achieve such completion.

a. The Songs

b. Artist's performance of the songs contained in the Recording.

c. The title of the Recording,

10. LICENSE FOR USE OF NAME AND IMAGE. Upon the timely occurrence and performance of all material events and obligations required to produce the Recording, Artist shall grant to the Company the exclusive license to use the name, Cynthia Morgan, and the Artist's photographic image, in the promotion and distribution of the Recording.

11. The ARTIST hereby warrants that he has not entered into any oral or written obligations, contracts.

12. COPYRIGHT. Upon Artist's assignment of the Songs pursuant herein, Company shall proceed to obtain and secure a copyright for each of the said Songs. Each such copyright shall be the property Company. The Agreement, Company will diligently use its best efforts to secure distribution of the Recording throughout Nigeria and Internationally, through one or more major distribution companies (including record companies, film companies, or any other company)

The remainder of such Royalties, if any, shall be allocated and distributed between Company and Artist, in the following proportion: 50 percent to NorthSide Music " Record Company " 50 percent to Cynthia Morgan " artist " On all 360 deal " Shows , Endorsement, Album sales, Licensing, Management, Royalties. E.L.C."Artist has given and granted, and does hereby give and grant to Company. This Agreement shall be enforced or construed according to the laws of the State of Lagos. Lastly, COVENANT OF GOOD FAITH AND FAIR DEALING. Company and Artist agree to perform their obligations under this Agreement, in all respects, in good faith. This is the summary of the deal agreed between the two parties in Nigeria.

Cynthia Morgan, the Nigerian dancehall queen, has since then written a letter, and give credit to her former boss, appreciates everyone of their support but she still insisted that everything she said was actually the truth and what happened and base on according to her point of view. Madrina has been promoting her old songs on Instagram, while posting videos of her fans dancing to her tune, she is preparing to release her first song since she took a break. - Nigeria news.