There are things that no matter what you do in this life, and no matter how much you have, you can not originally change, There are 8 things you did choose before birth and can never change after birth even with the advent of technology and science which provides 18 methods of getting a child using IVF, Surrogacy among others. However, we have picked 12 things you can choose to be after birth. 


1. BIRTHPLACE - Your birth place is where you were born, as an infant you can not choose your where you should be born. 

2. SKIN COLOUR - skin colour is your inborn skin but of course with the help of technology and Science you can change from to any colour you want but your first skin remains your inborn skin. 

3 BIRTH PARENTS, FAMILY - you're not in any position to change your parents or family, even your adopted parents are not chosen by you. 

4. BIRTH GENDER - you did not choose your gender / sex, no one choose to be female or male, even with the invention of technology which gives human kind 18 ways of getting a baby, you can not choose your gender. But however, gender can changed from male to female and female to male in 21st century, It is called "Transgender" but this costs a fortune, but yet the origin and inborn is there that you were once a male or female. 

5. BIRTH LANGUAGE - or otherwise mother language is not chosen by you, you learn your mother tongue right from an infant age which also influences your accent, it could be English, Indian language, German. 

6. BIRTH NAME - your first birth name is given by your parents or guidance, 99% of the world's population bears their birth name, the little percentage fall into "Change of Name" 

7. ETHNICITY -  are the common characteristics of a group of people, ranging from ancestry, culture, or race. you can not even change any of this even with technology, and Science. 

8. BORN ABILITIES - are your abilities to talk, walk, or see among others. yes, talking, walking and seeing is a human ability. That is why people who do not have this abilities are referred to "Dis-ability people", most are inborn while others are through some incidents. 


1. SUCCESSFUL - it is your choice to be successful, and successful in this context could be working towards your aim and goal to be achieved, success could be an achieved fame, wealth or a social status. Yes, It is your choice to make this decision. 

2. HARDWORKING - is the act of taking your work seriously, and doing it well and rapidly to achieve your goals, obviously you can not achieve success without being hardworking.

3. KIND - being benevolent, courteous, friendly, generous, gentle, liberal, or showing sympathetic, or warm-hearted nature or disposition to another human being. 

4. GENEROUS - being principled and noble in behaviour, yet willing and kind. 

5. HONEST - not giving in to swindling, lying, upright, or Scrupulous with regard to telling the truth. 

6. GRATEFUL - The act of being very appreciative or thankful. Yes, we should be grateful to the things we have and every life as a whole. 

7. RESPECTFUL - developing an attitude of consideration or high regard, good opinion, honor, or admiration are all characterized by respect, you can choose to be or not be respectful. 

8. OPTIMISTIC - optimism has been proven to be one of the greatest characters that lead to a successful and happy life - expecting the best in all possible ways. 

9. HUMBLE - you can however choose to be yourself, your real person and personality, not being pretentious or unpretending, unassuming, and most especially having a low opinion of oneself like not being proud; modest.

10. TEACHABLE - While every human being have the ability to learn and teach, we should be willing to receive instruction or to learn; docile.

11. FAITHFUL - also the act to be loyal, adhering firmly to person or cause.

12. HAPPY - while happiness is a choice, it is a necessity for everyone, being sad, moody and angry is proven to be an unhealthy for everyone. It is your choice to be cheerful, Content, delighted and merry.