On Tuesday, The amnesty international says it has uncovered a major security flaws in Qatar's COVID19 tracing app. Sensitive personal details of more than a million people were exposed.

The vulnerability has now been fixed after they alerted Qatari authorities. The Qatar app automatically opens up users' Bluetooth and Location which Bluetooth, However, it is not only Qatar, UK Health minister has confirmed that UK Covid-19 Tracking App has issues that are being worked on.

Security weakness in Qatar's tracing app would have allowed cyber attackers to access sensitive information including name, national ID, health status & location data.While security flaw is fixed, the app remains highly problematic as is still mandatory and personal information continues to be uploaded to a central database. Authorities can enable real-time location tracking of users at any time.

This incident should act as a warning to governments rushing out contact tracing apps that lack privacy and security safeguards.