On the 10th of May: Friendly fire incident during naval exercises off SE Iran leaves dozens killed & injured

Iranian frigate Jamaran (L) apparently launched an anti ship cruise missile & accidentally locked on the Konarak (R) vessel instead of the intended practice target.

1. Sources indicate more than 40 dead, 22 bodies found

2. Officials claim only one dead, 12 injured

3. Konarak vessel was placing a target at the desired site. A cruise missile fired by the Iranian frigate Jamaran locks on Konarak & not the intended target, leading to this incident.

18 images of the Iranian Navy killed in the incident.

-Injured being transferred to the Chabahar port hospital in southeast Iran

-Some reports claim the Konarak vessel has been sunk

Konarak dimensions:

Length: 44 meters

Width: 8.5 meters

Weight: 447 tons

Jamaran is the lead ship of the Iranian Moudge-class frigates launched in early 2010. Iran have reported that the design and building of Jamaran was among the "greatest achievements of the Iranian Navy" & the ship's launch marks "a major technological leap for Iran's naval industries."

More scenes of the dead & wounded in this incident being transferred to a port hospital in Chabahar, southeast Iran.

State media claiming only 1 dead, 12 injured. Similar report wired by Reuters. While others are reporting 20 Dead. (More details Later)

Images from after-scene. We will reply with more details.