Wike demolishes a Hotel building for violating Lockdown.

Nyeson Wike, The Governor of Rivers State on Sunday ordered for the demolition of a Hotel building for violating Lockdown, It is gathered that the country have been in a strict Lockdown. However, Prodest Hotel Eleme violated the lockdown order. 

Now this raises a question if this was an unnecessary step, What happened to locking down the hotel or fining the hotel as other states and countries are doing. It is also reported by @Postsubman that he is on his way to demolish another hotel building in Onne. Now "the state is afraid of three things, Governor Wike, The Police and Coronavirus" 

There's a fuse on Twitter, Wike actions is being described as undemocratic and tyrant. And Nigerian Governors are not being questioned for actions like this because of the extreme immunity they have as the President.

This are some of the Top views as Wike trends on Twitter. "Democracy in action in Rivers as Supreme Emperor Nyesom Wike arbitrarily 'demolishes building' because of coronavirus." - Ediong.

"Is this not too extreme? What happened to arresting and Fining the workers? Even Millitary Government wasn't this harsh." - Drpenking

"If you really think Wike is doing all these because he deeply cares for the people of Rivers State, you are joking. All I see a man who is power drunk." Babanla

"The demolition of the hotel was unnecessary. Temporary closure would have been enough. Wike is over doing it. Those their property was demolished should seek legal redress." Deji

"Imagine Buhari giving executive order for Nyesom Wike's properties to be confiscated because he's being accused of corruption. You'll see him running to America & Australia calling for respect for rule of law. Just small Rivers state in his hands, he's acting like an old emperor." Ediong.