In this article we are going to show you steps by steps on how to use your Twitter application without a VPN connection, do note that this will be working only on the application and not the browser.

Since the Nigerian gov suspended Twitter Inc. Operations in Nigeria on June 5th, Many Nigerians have switched to using VPN (Virtual Private Network) in other to access Twitter, in this article I'm going to show you how to use Twitter in Nigeria without VPN and change your settings.

First of all since you can't access or any of it's Settings without VPN, you'll need to first of all login with a VPN and follow the steps below. 

>Login to Twitter and Go to Settings and Privacy.

>Click on "Account" under settings and then scroll down to see "Data and Permissions" and select countries, Change your country from Nigeria to United States. 

> After you're done, come back to Settings and Privacy and select "Proxy", after you enable proxy now it's time to change your proxy to United States so you can stop using a VPN to access Twitter, copy the Proxy this US Proxy IP and paste it under proxy and 8080 under Proxy Port.

After you're through with the whole process, close your VPN, and Twitter Application and open it in again, You're now browsing Twitter Application without a VPN, do note you won't be able to access the browser still, this only works on Twitter App. This worked for everyone who have tried it, if you're confused along the way and you need any help send me a message on Twitter

or comment under any of my post and tag Jerryfrankson so I'll help you out. Also drop a feedback.