This is our 2020 review based on what has happened this year so far, most of which are a reoccurring disasters.

The year 2020 was welcomed with fears of a possible World War break out after Donald Trump ordered the strike of Iranian top General which led to not just the killing of General Soleimani but other innocent people such as the 176 people who died in the Ukrainian plane that was taken down by an Iranian missile while flying to Ukraine.

Since then 944,204 thousands people have died from a single cause alone while the rest ranging to thousands have died from other numerous causes. More than one million people have died in 2020 from a less than five causes, this exclude the almost 150,000 people who die everyday and the about 50 million people who die yearly from different health and other causes, which means more people have died this year. The year in conclusion is not recommended.

List Of Latest Happenings in 2020. 

This list will be updated frequently.

- US killing Soleimani and Iran retaliation. 

- Iran downs Ukrainian plane. 

- Trump impeachment trial. 

- Russian PM resigns.

- New strand of coronavirus (Covid-19).

- Conflict in Libya 

- Philippines volcano eruption.

- Turkey earthquake 

- puerto rico EARTHQUAKES

- Kashmir Avalanche.

- Australian Fires.

- Indonesia Floods 

- Kobe Bryant Killed In Helicopter Accident.

- More than half of the world population, approximately 4.7 billion people were in forced lockdown due to the covid-19 outbreak and massive spread.

- Hurricane Laura struck Louisiana, US.

- Chadwick Boseman Known as The Black Panther dies from cancer.

- California fires forced thousands out of their homes.

- Flying private cars and taxis successfully tested.

- Largest protest in the US history about the death of George Floyd since the association of Martin Luther King.

- The covid-19 now kills 944,204 people, and has infected more than 29 million people in total.

- Belarus biggest protests holds after its authoritarian President wins election again for the 4th time.

- Beirut, Lebanon explosion kills at least 150 leaving more than 5000 wounded.

- Lebanon government resigns after Beirut explosion.

- Coup d'etat in Mali, Malian president resigns, dissolves parliament.

- Sudan declares state of emergency for three months amid devastating floods.

- for the first time in a long while, "love" goes on recession, as people places focus on "Right Now".

- For the first time in English history during a pandemic, a question is answered the exact same way as the answer and the question is.

Q: WHO declared the covid-19 pandemic?

A: WHO declared the covid-19 pandemic.

2020 in total is not a good year for anyone except billionaires who made more billions during the global lockdown and after. Kindly SHARE below.