• BUILD a 6 month emergency fund.
  • ACHIEVE 750+ credit score.
  • PAY OFF all student loans.
  • AUTOMATE your investing.
  • PAY OFF high interest debt.
  • BUY your first home.
  • INVEST for retirement.
  • BUY your dream yacht (kidding).

Goals should be different for everyone, and so people might have all of these goals accomplished before your 30, maybe they even have their own yacht. One thing that I always think is important is setting goals, especially when it comes to your finances. You can great massive goals for yourself, but these goals need to have to things.

They need deadlines and they need to be able to be broken down into bit-sized pieces. It is so difficult to achieve anything if you don't have a plan and strategy to get to your goals. If you want to retire with $1,000,000, figure out how much you will need to return and how much you will need to save every single day. If you can break these goals down, it makes the process much easier.