After creating your website, For the first few months you should try to use the manual traffic generation methods I've been talking about as much as possible, but obviously, we don't want to be stuck doing that for the rest of our lives!

The long-term traffic source for your new business is going to be Google's organic search. People search for something like "best paintball guns or " and hopefully your website will rank as the number one result, which means free consistent traffic for you.

How does Google rank websites? 

While there are hundreds of different variables they use to decide who should be number one, there are two main ones:

On-page SEO (all of the stuff we did already - proper settings, using headings, good content, nicely written titles and articles, etc)

Off-page SEO (backlinks)

The most significant thing is still backlinks, even in 2017.

A backlink is literally any website putting a link back to your website or article. Unfortunately, it's not exactly a democracy, where every "vote" is equal. Some websites are more powerful than others and their links count more.

How to get get Backlinks

First things first, the only way you're going to get backlinks is by appealing to other website owners. So try to put yourself in their shoes.

If you owned a website about paintball, would you want to link back to a random guy emailing you, trying to promote his "best paintball guns 2016" article, full of affiliate links?

That's why we've got to create some new content, to appeal to webmasters, improve our SEO and get some extra traffic meanwhile.

Preparing linkable content

It's time to fire up Long Tail Pro again! If you already let your trial expire or didn't sign up last time around.

Open up Long Tail Pro and type in a super broad keyword about your niche. Let's say we're still trying to rank "best paintball guns" so I would type in "Paintball" to Long Tail Pro and have it get as many results as possible:

I set the minimum amount of searches at 100 and "Max results per seed keyword" at 800:

So our goal with these new articles is just to get backlinks, not sell stuff. Pick out keywords you think could have cool articles written about them, the kind that other websites would happily link to. The search volume and a low keyword competition are a bonus.

Basically, we're going to put these articles up, link to our main article from these articles (best paintball guns) and when other websites link to this article, the "power" from those links will head back to our main article.

Here are some keywords I found for our paintball site and the title ideas I came up with:

  • Zombie paintball - 14 of The Coolest Zombie Paintball Fields
  • Indoor paintball - 26 Indoor Paintball Fields That Will Blow Your Mind
  • Paintball videos - 19 Paintball Videos You HAVE to See! (You'll love #6!)
  • Paintball tips - 13 Paintball Tips to Take Your Game to The Next Level
  • Automatic paintball guns - 17 Videos to Demonstrate The Power Of Automatic Paintball Guns
  • Paintball websites - 27 Best Paintball Websites in 2016 - Must-Reads!
  • Paintball Tactics - 7 Paintball Tactics You Can Steal from World War II

These should be pretty fun to write so you don't have to outsource them and get to save some money. Analyze these list-styled titles and come up with some in your own niche. This is the kind of content that will get a lot of social shares and backlinks.

Tomorrow I'm going to show you exactly what to do to get people sharing these articles like crazy and putting backlinks to it.