Quaro is another great tool to increase traffic for your blog website, although it's based on question and answers then attaching your website link as a reference to the question. You can raise a topic (your headline) then offer an overview linking it to your website. You can also check talkextreme Forum which allow you to post your own contents with links and everything. And it's more like a Business ForumTalkExtreme

Anyone that search a topic related to your headline will see yours either or second. If it gains much upvotes on Quaro.

Continue posting in Facebook groups on a daily basis too, finding new groups, posting on forums and so on and so forth.

If you reckon you're already too visible on each of them, interacts with more accounts, keep the discussions alive and growing.

Another Powerful Traffic Source

The site we're going to be using today is called Quora it's basically a questions and answers site and you've probably visited it in the past. Anyone can post a question, anyone can answer it and then people vote for the most valuable answer, which will be listed above all answers.

There's three extremely good reasons why using Quora for your website niche.

You will mostly be able to drive good targeted traffic and guarantee sales effectively.

You will observe and take note of what want to know about your website niche, giving you an increased ideas on how to grow your site for a long while.

Quora tend to rank very well on Google so your answer could end up getting you a lot of traffic for years to come.

Let's start off by going to Quora and signing up with your persona. Fill out the profile and bio, upload your picture and write up your expertise in the niche if you don't have any, make it up.

Then head to the homepage of Quora and search for your niche. For our students example, we searched for paintball.

One of the first questions I see listed is perfect for us:

What you may search may have only one one answer to it but has hundreds of views that could potentially be clicks to your website. Write a high-quality answer (50-200 words) and put one link back to the article on your website about best paintball guns as a reference.

The best way would probably be to mention the comparison chart.

With a good reply you're likely going to get your first few upvotes in the next days. The most powerful part of this is that the answers will stay up there forever.

Every single answer you leave is a potential traffic source for years to come so make sure you put some serious effort into your answers.

Quora is a very authoritative website and their question pages tend to rank well in Google, which means a LOT of traffic coming your way.

Although we're likely only going to get sales from talking about products like guns, masks, balls and so on you've got to stay helpful overall.Answer every paintball related question with 100% of your effort and genuinely try to help people. This way your Quora account stays safe long-term and you're able to establish yourself (your persona) as an expert/authority figure.

Beating The System

In some industries it may be tough to get the top voted answer due to high competition, but luckily, there are ways to get around that.

Please note that Quora is NOT a fan of tactics like this, but they do work and we're still genuinely helping people so I'm morally alright with this technique. There's a dozen out of the box things we could do to get more upvotes for our answers, here's a quick breakdown of some of them:

Buy some private proxies or a VPN to create more Quora accounts. This'll let you post more questions, more answers and also upvote your other accounts answers to dominate the results.

Use a website like Fiverr.com (or something similar) to buy some upvotes to your answers

Outsource your upvoting to cheap sites like RapidWorkers or MiniJobz.

It's up to you whether you'd like to use these last few tactics, but I do know from personal experience and from our students that they work like magic.

Tomorrow we'll try something completely different!