The first thing you're going to do is sign up for the Amazon Affiliate program here: Amazon Affiliate Program. Click here to register on Amazon Affiliate Program for free and start earning.

It's pretty straight-forward fill out some forms, type in your website and you're good to go.

They'll take some time to approve your account before you can actually put in your Amazon Affiliate links, but meanwhile, we can still follow the principles and put normal Amazon links in place (switch them, when you get approved).

When it comes to optimizing your Amazon income, the first thing to keep in mind that anyone who clicks on your Amazon link is cookied for 24 hours.

That means that whatever they buy in that timeframe, you get commission for. Even if they clicked on your link to a paintball gun, closed their computer, went back to Amazon later to order 15 office chairs instead you get paid for that.

Basically, the more clicks you can send to Amazon, the more money you're going to make be making from their refferal or affiliate programs.

That's why you should always have at least one Call to Action above the fold of your page.

One way you can do it is adding something like this to the beginning of the article:

P.S. This is a super long and detailed article, if you just want to know which paintball gun that our readers and we love the most.

While you shouldn't go too cr*zy with your affiliate links in the article, one of the most common mistakes is being too subtle.

Every time you mention a product name, put a link to the product page on Amazon. Every time you have a picture of it, put a link back to the page.

Talking about paintball balls in the article too? Put a link to a product. Here's the most important part though the comparison chart.

Virtually every Amazon Affiliate out there uses this strategy, because it just works so well.

Create a comparison chart in your post where you compare all of the products you've talked about and their specific features.

For our paintball gun example, the table may have columns like this:

  • Image
  • Product Name
  • Price Range (Cheap to Expensive)
  • Player Level (Beginner to Expert)
  • Our Rating (Your review) 

Make sure to add this as early as it makes sense in your article. That's about all you need to know about Amazon Affiliate optimization as a beginner. Once your site gets bigger, there are definitely more options out there but you shouldn't worry about that for now.

It's time to generate some traffic to your website will show you how tomorrow!

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