Today we are going to talk about all the settings and tabs your website need to be validated, for example a "contact page", an "About us" page, "Terms and conditions page" , and "privacy page" among others, for other bloggers you may have noticed other ads network have declined your application or you are lacking something on search engines. Well we will discuss how to set that up today.

Homepage Settings.

Step 1. The first thing you should do is choose Contact in the Wordpress admin sidebar and then copy the shortcode from the menu.

Now you're going to go back to pages and create a new page, just like we did before. Call it Contact and paste the shortcode in as content. Then hit publish.

Step 2.

Now we're going to head to Wordpress Admin, choose Appearance and then Menus.

Title your first menu as Home and check Automatically add new top-level pages to this menu and then check the tickbox saying Primary Menu.

Now drag your About and Contact pages to the menu and hit the save button.

If you refresh your website, you'll now see that you have your about and contact pages in the header of your website.

Step 3.

Now head to Settings in the sidebar and choose general.

Fill in your brand name as the site title, in our case, that's OverGun.

As the tagline, write a short description that contains the keywords of the 4,000 word article we ordered.

In our case it would sound something like this:

Choosing the best paintball gun can be difficult and that's why we've written this guide and reviewed the best paintball guns".

Step 4.

Now hit save and open up the Permalinks tab under settings.

Right now, it should say Day and name but you must change it to Post name and hit save.

Step 5.

Next open UpdraftPlus Backups, head to the settings there and schedule it to be weekly for both files and databases and connect it to your Dropbox account (or another service that can safely keep your files.

Step 6.

Keep going and head on to WP Super Cache settings and simply turn Caching On in the dashboard and save.

Now choose the SEO menu and go to the dashboard, choose Your Info and type in your site name. So we would use Overgun and no alternate name.

Below that choose that you're a person and use your persona's name there, hit save.

Go to Webmaster Tools in the top menu (same page) and sign up for Google Search Console with the gmail you set up for your persona.

Now select Search Console, type your website name for example "JF Jerryfrankson" and proceed to verify the site, choose any other of the alternate methods, I normally use HTML tag because it is the most easiest way to verify your website, all you have to do is copy the code and paste it into your site. and from within that code, only tap or highlight the exact the code to proceed to verification.

The Next step is to choose the Titles & Metas found under settings or SEO and then click on Taxonomies in the upper menu. Then make your Meta Robots as "no index" for all categories and tags. That will be all, then hit save.

Proceed to the same thing on the Archives and Other found under the same page. All of them should be Noindex.

Select the XML Sitemaps under the SEO menu and click on the button that'll take you to your sitemap. Your XML sitemap is usually like this Copy that for later purpose. You need a sitemap for Google to instantly index your site pages.

Head to Google's Search Console (it might ask you to re-validate the site), choose Crawl from the sidebar, then Sitemaps, and click on the red button in the top-right corner of the page and paste in your sitemap url, confirm it and you're done with the SEO part for now.

Step 8.

Click on Insights in the left sidebar of Wordpress and right there in the overview, there's a link that'll let you authenticate and set up your Google Analytics.

Link up your Gmail account to the plugin and then head to and sign in with that same Gmail account.

Start setting it up and fill in the information. Your website's link, a name for it and so on.

Follow the steps and the plugin will do the rest for you.

Step 9.

Now click on the SumoMe app, choose My Apps and then enable the Share app (it's free).

Then head to the External Links in the sidebar and for Open external links choose each in a separate new window or tab and click save.

That's it! Your website is completely optimized.

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