Say Hello to the two most talked about beast on the net. Nokia Maze Pro Lite 2020 Vs Samsung Galaxy A71 5G. Release Date, Speculations, Price and Comparison.

Nokia Maze Pro Lite 2020 Vs Samsung Galaxy A71 5G. The Nokia Maze Pro Lite 2020 is expected to launch on the 27th of July this month, the phone belongs to the family of Nokia Maze. It speculations includes a 6.6 Inches amazing Amoled screen with a 4K resolution for the display even the upcoming iPhone 12 Pro is rumoured to have a resolution of 1242 x 2688 pixels and 444 pixel.

This Nokia is a bomb! The Nokia Maze Pro Lite have a large RAM of 12GB RAM, Although not the first smartphone to have such a massive RAM space, Lenovo Z5 Pro which launched in December, 2018 is the world's first smartphone to offer a 12GB RAM space. Aside from Lenovo, we have Nubia Red Magic 3 which also have a 12GB RAM space and then the Samsung Galaxy A71 launched in June and the just released Nokia Maze Pro Lite 2020. The Nokia has a 48MP triple camera, 48MP selfie camera, 8500Mah battery expected to last for 3 days. 256GB ROM which can be expanded to 512GB. Android 10, 4G/5G. Awesome features right?

And with the rate of new and old smartphones rumoured to be having upto 10GB of RAM and above, the world should be expecting a fake GB RAM in some new smartphones. So you just have to buy from a reliable company like Nokia, iPhone, Samsung, among other reliable industries. Or read online reviews from people who have purchased the product already if the phone is truly offering those features.

Ok back to the discussion. The two phones described as the beasts because of their super amazing features, The Samsung already released in June. Samsung launched the Galaxy A71 5G in last month, which featured a magnificent 64MP, 12GB, 512G internal memory. The Samsung galaxy A71 price in Nigeria cost around $475 when converted to Naira at the current exchange rate it is N184,300 Naira. While the Nokia Price is rumoured to start $450 with a possible release date in 27th of July.

Published by Jerryfrankson