Experts conclude Kanye West is the least qualified person to ever run for the United States presidency, in a signal that he will almost certainly win the election.

Listen to what Palmer has to say. Kanye West isn't running for any President. It would be too late for him or anyone to even get on the ballot in most states now. This bogus announcement is a PR stunt for his upcoming album. President Trump will be re-elected because Kanye West is running for president isn't a thing. It is not possible. Stop falling for doomsday.

This are Top Twitter Reactions with meaningful insight in it. "Now that Kanye has announced he is running for President of the United States with only actual purpose to help his friend and partner Trump, does that mean we should be expecting more bad news on President Trump ? Maybe Barr is dismantling the Justice department right now for a reason. Kanye West seems like nothing more than the shiny object for Trump"

"Kanye West is going to help his friend Trump win the 2020 election because he doesn't care about Black Americans or any Americans for that matter. He is going to take votes from Joe Biden just because Trump's tax cuts on the wealthy help him become even wealthier. Kanye is the new Jill Stein."

Trump is not winning the election. I hear some of his voters from 2016 just about every day say they will NOT vote for him in November. Kanye is no Jill Stein, he is a joke.

I really do not see how he could take votes from Biden Anyone clueless enough to vote for #Kanye2020 MUST already be planning to vote for Trump.

Kanye West has absolutely nothing to offer the American people but another egotistical s**t show. Just remember a vote for him is like voting for Trump. Don't get coned again. You have to really be desperate to ask West to run for president to syphon off some black votes.

For everyone who thinks Kanye will be a good president, keep in mind that he quit his own tour on stage because he couldn't deal with the pressure. And you want him to deal with the pressure of running the most powerful country on earth. And have access to nuclear powers.

Nobody who actually cares about politics or the issues will vote Kanye, period.

Kanye will get votes from non voters who usually don't vote If that costs Biden the election, maybe he should have considered those non voters months ago.

I love my people but please see through this. Trump is probably paying for Kanye to run to split the vote. Your vote will not matter if you vote for Kanye. Do not put kardashians in the office do not put Kanye in office make your vote count get trump out. #Vision2020 #Biden2020.

Please don't fall for it. Trumpers are supporting this. Trying to call anyone against it a rac**t cause they've been called it so many times. Trumpers don't want to see us get ahead. I've loved Kanye since 11 yo but we can't get distracted by Icons who aren't for us.

I think this is all a publicity stunt, but dangerous political strategy is Kanye's running for the next few weeks brings new or lapsed people into the political process and then he hands them off to Trump as he "drops".

Kanye West as President - Kim Kardashian as First Lady. Elon Musk as Attorney General, Khloe Kardashian as Secretary of State and the rest of us moving to Canada, Mexico or any country that will give us asylum.

We know where your loyalties lie, and they are not with God, unity, or the future. You sold out and you are not welcome back from the orange side. 45 has been horrific and you'd be worse. Hypocrite bowing to the orange man...literally. 

Just when you think 2020 can't get an weirder.. Kanye west declares he's running for presidency, Kim Kardashian might become First Lady

At the point The US a show.. I guess we can except a spin-off.. Keep up with The US

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