On Sunday, Kanye Omari West announces US Presidential bid, he made the announcement on his Twitter handle "We must now realize the promise of America by trusting in God, bringing and unifying our vision and building our future. I am going to run for the president of the United States Of America" 2020 VISION Kanye West announces.

Elon Musk the founder of Tesla and Space X has pledged his support already "You have my full Support".

Producer Marques Brownee says he think Kanye West might be a tiny too late this US Presidential election. Having waited for so long and 70% of Americans have already decided who to Vote between President Donald Trump and Joe Biden. This is what experts thinks of the new Kanye West announcement. Read here.

Questions arises, Under which party is he going to run for the President? Although Kanye may form his own party which is easy except for the Independence Party.

Many people think President Trump set this Up by using Kanye West to divide black votes in the United States since majority of Blacks and Pro Blacks have declared support to Vote for Joe Biden and are in support of Barack Obama. Kanye West being a black person may end up with at least 30% to 40% of black votes at the poll, this may be a huge challenge for Joe Biden.

Twitter Reactions "This is a ploy by Kanye West to get President Trump re-elected in the White House, Do NOT fall for it! This is just another way to steal votes from Joe Biden will all know will only helps Trump"

Two polls immediately set up by either Trump, Joe Biden, or Kanye West strongholds is already showing black votes neck in neck with Kanye West and Joe Biden.

Twitter Reactions "I think Taylor swift should declare her candidacy as well and ASAP!

And Taylor Swift has 3 times as many followers as Kanye West & more than President Trump! She's also 1,000% more rational than both of them combined."

Twitter Reactions: The distraction of this announcement made by Kanye West about running for presidency is a futile attempt at black voter, to steal their votes and we all know it.

Kanye West has been a pro Trump horse shoe operative with some issues and he once claimed that 400 years of slavery was infact a choice made by the Black community.

"It is disappointing to see this how you have decided to spend your energy these days.

I remember reading your biography 5 years ago and thinking "He really gets it, he could tackle the world biggest problems!".

Now, you are just turning into another complacent mouthpiece. Such a waste."