Worldwide coronavirus cases surpasses 11 Million as many countries reported the most daily increase cases since the beginning of the pandemic. Meanwhile Pakistan's foreign minister tests positive for coronavirus.

Four days ago, on the 28th of June the worldwide Coronavirus hits a new a record of 10 Million cases, and it has only being 4 days and another 1 million figure have been recorded, according to the statistics the world may be recording at least 5 million cases per month if something is not done immediately.

Yesterday the United States alone reported more than 55,000 cases, more than any other other country in the world since the pandemic. It is predicted that the USA will have at least 40% of the world's cases if daily Covid-19 cases continue to be more than 20,000 which is the normal figure in the USA, other than that it has always been above 40,000 and in worse days like yesterday more than 50,000.

India on the other hand is predicted to be third most reported cases on the list since the country is now confirming more than 20,000 per day.

Total Coronavirus Cases as of 3rd July is 11,084,490

Total Deaths 526,397

Recovered 6,208,643

Top ten most recorded Covid-19 cases.


Cases 2,860,152

New Case +24,468

Total Death 131,797

Brazil 1,508,991

New Cases +7,638

Total Death 62,304

Russia 667,883

New Cases +6,718

Total Death 9,859

India 647,503

New Cases +20,335

Total Death 18,661

Spain 297,625

New Case +442

Total death 28,385

Peru 292,004

Death 10,045

Chile 288,089

New Cases +3,548

Total Death 6,051

UK 284,276

New cases +519

Total death 44,131

Italy 241,184

New Cases +223

Total death 34,833

Mexico 238,511

New cases +6,741

Total death 29,189


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