Fiverr - Do you have a skill or you're specialized in a particular career or handwork but you don't always have clients or customers? Then we will review Fiverr the world's biggest freelancer service and any other available one.

If you don't have any skills and you want to add a second source of income to your current source of income then head to Google free online courses Learn Digital With Google Garage. It takes less than 1hr to finish and get certified. Fortunately on Fiverr you don't need any certificate, you only need what you want to sell.

Presently Fiverr have recorded more than 11 million buyers who uses their service for Gigs and have accumulated over 50 million dollars transactions from them. Fiverr have accumulated over 200 categories of services.

The most trending Gigs that sells on Fiverr.

  • Logo Designer
  • Website development
  • Mobile app development
  • Games developer
  • Content writing
  • Digital marketer.
  • Video marketing.
  • Photoshop manipulation.
  • Infographic design
  • Social media manager.
  • Digital marketer
  • WordPress Designe
  • Website Scrappers 
  • Website to App converter 
  • Android app to IOS app converters
  • Referral link marketers.

And many more, any skill or career you have learned at all you can take it to Fiverr and make money off it.

If you have any of these skills you should create a Fivver account and start selling them immediately. 

Visit Fiverr Registration link CLICK HERE.

Register as a Seller or Buyer, Create your first gig and publish it.

What you will be asked, your name, email and country, you will also need to verify your phone number for your account to be activated on Fiverr.

Joining Fiverr as a seller or buyer is completely free with no charges. Kindly note that some skills on Fiverr requires skills verification such as a 10-40 minutes test, most especially Content writing in English, you will need to take an English test for at least 40 minutes to validate your skills before it is published on Fivver, not to worry as the test is as simple as ABC, it is given to check your ability to understand English language, punctuation marks, and the rest.

There are many freelancer apps and services out there on the internet but Fivver have a reputation for support and strict rules.

Why Buyers don't need to be scared of Fiverr - My personal experience on Fiverr.

Buyer on Fivver means a person who wants to hire a freelancer (seller). When you buy a Gig from someone and the person refuses to adjust the gigs to your taste, you can reject it and go to Resolution Centre where Fiverr support will solve it immediately. I had ordered for a Gig and the User delivered only half of the requirements and immediately it got to Fivver Resolution Centre i was refunded my money immediately including the $2 charges.

The disadvantage of getting refund on Fiverr is that you can't withdraw the money to your PayPal again, the money refunded to your on Fiverr is not withdrawable, you can only use it to purchase another Gigs or keep spending it within Fiverr until you exhaust it, and Fiverr have no intention in making refunded money withdrawable anytime soon.

For Buyers if you want to buy a cheap gig on Fiverr, always filter for the cheapest prices, most top levels or pro sellers offers high prices on Fiverr because of the status and reviews they have acquired from past buyers and the verified status by Fiverr, but if you don't have the huge money or you're not sure of the outcome, why buy for a gig for an expensive price when you can get the same gig for a half price from another seller?

New sellers often offer cheap prices because they are new, try to initiate a dualogue with them and see if they can really be able to carry out the service so you won't waste your time canceling in the middle.

How to go Level 1 and Level 2 status on Fivver.

  • Offer a cheap price for your first or basic gig.
  • Be fast in responding to your first Order
  • Communicate well with your first buyer.
  • Make sure he is certified with the purchase before giving him.
  • Kindly ask him for his or her reviews.
  • The reviews you get from your sellers will promote you from your current level status to the next status.

Publisher Jerryfrankson