Content is the most overlooked part of an affiliate marketing website. In this article we're going to show you how to create the best content.

Most people take the cheapest outsourcing route they can find and let the writer decide what to do. You end up with low quality content that will even bore you, the site's owner.

What do you think would happen to someone who's actually interested in buying the product when they read this stuff? They're going to hit the back button and go to someone else's site for quality information.

We're going to be a little bit smarter about it, while still keeping the costs low.

First, let's lay out what kind of content we're looking for and then I'll show you where and how to get it.

The main piece of content for now will be a 2,000-4,000 word article about our main keyword in our students case, that's best paintball gun.

This article will be the main money maker for now and thus should be the longest and most detailed. A lot of affiliate marketers refer to this as a Buyers Guide.

Other than that, we're also going to get four articles for the other keywords and make them at least 2,000 words.

Outsourcing Vs Writing

After being in the industry for so long and writing hundreds of thousands of words of content (including this course). I feel like I'm a pretty good writer but still prefer to outsource content instead of writing it.

No matter how much experience you've got a professional writer will almost always do a better job than you.

Unless you have zero dollars to invest in this, you'll want to hire a pro to help you out with it. This also means that you can save your energy and time for doing other things on the website, such as marketing it.

How to Outsource Content

For outsourcing, there are three main routes you can take

  • Freelancers
  • Content agencies
  • Marketplaces

My choice is to use a marketplace called It allows me to post my project to thousands of writers and within a few hours, someone who likes the topic will accept the project and start writing it. Usually within 24 hours, the article will be ready for my approval.

If I don't like the article, I don't have to pay for it. I can either send some feedback and have them modify it or deny the article completely so another writer can start working on it.

This is huge for me, because there's literally zero risk. If I'm not happy with the article, I don't pay for it.

iWriter also has some of the cheapest prices out there, because they don't take a big fee.

How to Use iWriter, The Perfect Content Formula

  • Sign up by clicking here.
  • Start off by making a deposit for your first 4000-word article, the price should be 28 dollars.
  • Then head over to the Order content area in iWriter and let's get started!

The first thing you'll be asked for is a project description. Here's what I wrote for our paintball article:

  • Looking for a paintball enthusiast to talk about the best guns.
  • Set the article length as 4,000 words, submit it to basic writers and set the writing style as friendly.
  • In the keywords box, just put one for now and we'll order the rest of the articles separately. In our case the first keyword was best paintball guns.

In the article purpose box, modify my template:

'THIS IS NOT AN SEO ARTICLE'. Please do not over-use the keyword and keep the article actually useful and readable.

The goal of the article is to give a complete overview about choosing the best YOUR PRODUCT ranging from what to look at for each PRODUCT and our recommendations.

We have laid out an article structure in the special instructions box that you should follow.

Then copy-paste this layout into the special instructions box (and modify it a little bit):

Introduction (Why you should get your personal paintball gun)

What to look at (What makes the best paintball gun the best)

A brief review of each of these products (please base it on actual customer reviews from Amazon - i.e. shoots fast, very durable etc, instead of listing the specifications)

  • Link to the most popular product in your niche

Conclusion - The Best Paintball Gun is (the first product) and why After that, place your order and within a few hours you'll have a writer working on it already.

You should get an email confirmation when the article is finished sign back in to iWriter and check the content.

If you're happy with it, approve it. If you're not, reject it and someone else will work on it until you're satisfied.

Publisher: Jerry Frankson