Gold investment is not for everyone, but the virus crisis continues to see record numbers of first-time private investors buying gold and silver online. Is now the right time to start buying a little gold or even venture into gold investments via your mobile?

Together with strong demand for platinum (which like silver and gold is entirely VAT-free on BullionVault, saving you 20% compared to coins or small bars), that saw the total value of BullionVault's client holdings rise above $3.0 billion (£2.4bn, 2.7bn, ¥323bn) at the end of May, up 23.7% so far in 2020 and 51.1% greater from this time last year.

That growth has been led by a record surge of new investors, with the number of people using BullionVault to buy physical gold, silver or platinum for the first time rising 413.5% between March and May from last year's 3-month average and beating the previous record of August to October 2011 peak of the global financial crisis by 4.7%.

Based in Hammersmith, London BullionVault has now made investing in precious metals cheaper, safer and easier for more than 15 years. But this dreadful pandemic and the social lockdowns it has spurred really highlight the advantages of trading securely vaulted metal you can buy or sell instantly without needing to leave home.

Coin and small-bar retailers had been unable to open their stores, re-stock their shelves or even buy back from customers wanting to sell. In contrast, our live trading apps for smartphone and online have enabled record numbers of private investors to access the deep liquidity, security and tight pricing of the professional wholesale market regardless of lockdown.

Using BullionVault you can buy gold bullion by the gram for 0.5% commission with no minimums. Storage & insurance will then be ~£3.20 ($4) per month.

In Bullion Vault, you are on an advantage of earning from their low storage costs which is negotiated by them. And will always include insurances. There is a cost calculate to calculate your costs of buying and storage.

When you buy gold, You can sell at any time, but just like other investments, you should sell when the product is on high demand, and without penalty, and your money is paid to you the next business day in Bullion Vault. You are also at liberty of withdrawing your bars.

UK investors can make their first purchase of up to £5,000 using a debit card in order to own gold, silver or platinum within minutes.

Alternatively, you can transfer funds to your BullionVault account and own any quantity of physical gold, silver or platinum bullion in about 2 hours.

Publisher: Jerry Frankson