We're going to get started on building and setting up your website. By the end of the day, you will have a website set up and you'll own the domain you picked. 
This may sound like a scary thing but it's actually super easy to create a website and even to manage it. I could even have my 8-year old cousin do it! 
Read our previous articles on how to create a free blog if you want to try out your experience on a free blog. And if you want to buy your self hosted domain then you should consider www.namecheap.com, Name cheap offer the most cheapest domain, with as low as $4 you can own a 1 year domain on namecheap and it comes with a free SSL security certificate for one year. It is easy to buy and also pay for it. But if you can't buy it or you don't know then visit www.fiverr.com to hire a freelancer to do everything for you, there are other freelancers on Fiverr offering to build and set up a WordPress website for you and everything as low as $20 to $50.

Meanwhile if you want to follow the another second option, then you will follow the procedures below. 
The first choice we'll have to make is which blogging platform to use. I've written an extensive post about this in the past, where i c
ompared 11 of the best blogging platforms.

The conclusion was that a self-hosted version of Wordpress is the best by all means. It's easy to use, cheap to start and offers the most flexibility.
Unlike some blogging platforms, we will need to get a web server for Wordpress.
Thanks to that, we'll have full control of the website, it's code, design, and functionality (no worries, we don't need to understand any code or design!)
A web server is basically a computer kept in a super secure facility, where all of your website's files are kept. This ensures that it's accessible quickly, from all around the world, all the time.
Our web hosting company of choice is Bluehost.

They've had an impeccable track record for the past years, virtually zero downtime, their customer support is quick and friendly, the prices are extremely affordable and I haven't heard of a single problem in regards to security. We've tried many servers, and nothing comes close to Bluehost! 

And that's actually the first step we have to take to create our website. Click on the link above and let's get started!
I recommend choosing the "Prime" package as it'll let you have unlimited websites, unmetered bandwidth, unlimited email accounts and email storage, a spam expert, domain privacy, priority support and much more.

It's relatively cheap and you're going to make your money back in no time, but if you're on a seriously tight budget, the "basic" plan would work, too.

After you have selected a plan, you will be asked what domain you would like to name your website. Please write in the name you have chosen a your domain.

After you have placed your desired domain name, you will go through usual account information and payment information procedures.

You will first be asked your account information, please fill up everything.

You will then see a preview of your package information. In this page you can see how much you will pay, the duration of your plan, and the inclusive packages and deals with your plan. If you want to get more info about a service, you can click "more information".

Finally, you will be asked for payment information.

Once you have done everything, you will receive a confirmation email from them in a matter of minutes. Please proceed to the next steps for account confirmation and initial set-up.

1. Open the email and confirm your account.
2. Sign-in to Bluehost.(https://my.bluehost.com/web-hosting/cplogin)
3. Log-in
4. Start initial set-up (don't forget to choose WordPress)

Once you have done everything, nothing left to say but Congratulations!
Your site is now up and you'll be able to access it at yourdomain.com.

Just leave the site as-is for now and tomorrow we'll start building the site out!