Just In: The number of coronavirus cases worldwide passes 10 million, with 498,952 recorded deaths while 5,414,646 million people are reported to have recovered.

In the last 24hrs, The US sets a new daily records with 45,942 new cases, the highest ever reported in a day, America alone now have a total 2,577,893 cases of which 127,952 of them are reported dead and 1,378,548 active leading cases.
India have 19,885 new cases in the last 24hrs with 412 new deaths.

Florida has posted another one-day record for new COVID19 cases: 9,585. Yes, testing did hit another high, but the percent positive - key to determining spread - is still up: 14%.

Coronavirus Cases Worldwide as of 27-06-2020 19:GMT+1 stands at 10,000,418

Deaths - 498,952
Recovered - 5,414,646

Publisher: Jerry Frankson