In this article we are going to show you how to choose the best domain name and how a good domain name can impact your blog.

If you are reading this then you've already:

  • Figured out your business model
  • Learned how to choose a niche suitable for you
  • Evaluated your niche and it's potential
  • Found a money-making niche

These are invaluable skills that every online entrepreneur must have. Whether you're going to stick to this business model or build additional ones after this challenge you're one step ahead of your competition already.

Today, we're going to make our first commitment and choose a domain name for our website.

The majority of people getting into online business make one mistake when it comes to domain names.

They choose something cheesy, boring and scammy like

You and I are building a real online business, not a one-off niche site. That's what we need to treat it like.

So we need to come up with something brandable. A unique name that you might tell your friends about, something people would remember.

Let's start with a few super quick rules to keep in mind:

  • Keep it short and easy to understand
  • It should make it clear what your website is about
  • Avoid hyphens and numbers
  • Stick to .com
  • Don't overthink it

The last rule is the most important one. Sure, your domain name is critical but it won't affect your bottom-line as much unless you ignore the other rules.

Give it a good 30 minutes of thought and then make a decision. I usually use tools like these to come up with my domain names:

Simply put words related to the topic you're covering into the tools and they will give you plenty of unique and interesting ideas.

Here's a few ones that I picked out quickly, that would be okay:

  • AdrenalineStar.comÃ? 

Try to hear the domain for the first time and picture what kind of website you expect hearing that name. Don't be shy, and ask your friends too. If you'd expect a serious, authority website that is trustable choose it!

As mentioned earlier, don't over-think it and just make a choice.

Tomorrow is the day I am going to show you how to go about registering this domain name, after which you will begin building your website.