There are several ways to earn money on your blog website which includes monetization, affiliate programs, self-advertisements, self-promotion and selling your own products, and I'm going to discuss the easy steps below, so if you have a website and you have not done any of the below then you've been completely left out.

Monetization through website ads network. There are at least more than 50 ads networks listed there on Google search engines, some of which are very difficult to get approved most especially if you have just created your website or a blog, while some are outdated and are no longer trending.

Almost all website ads networks have different policies but they mostly share the same ads policies with Google Adsense. Now Google Adsense delivers quality ads but it is not that easy to get approved anymore because of strict policies so we will discuss four easiest approve ads networks for your site that you can manage pending your Adsense approval or qualification.

Adcash - It is very easy to get adcash approval once your site is online and you have at least 20 posts, and a small traffic, you are good to go. You will create an account and you are instantly approved, create zones and place banners on your site and start earning, it pays for both impressions and clicks. And it also have a refferal programs too, which is advisable to register through an already approved link,you can click here for your Adcash account registration.

The only disadvantage with Adcash is that it does not display ads to some certain visitors coming from other countries, it is a worldwide ads network but sometimes don't have an Ad currently to display to some visitors.

Revenuehits, revenuehits is one of the best and Worldwide fast approval ads monetization, it also does not have strict policies as Adsense or Media net, revenuehits has different varieties of ads types that all works and it has ads available worldwide.Register here.

For WordPress blogs, the best choice is While blogger have no other choice but to follow Adsense policies untill they're qualified.

Affiliate programs, an affiliate program or affiliate networking is the kind of program that networks or where an Advertiser or Publisher will have to advertise or sell products from the mainstream in other to earn referrals, percentage or interest sold from that product or gotten from that network or downline, it is also a kind of a referring program.Now there are many trustworthy affiliate programs but we are going to discuss only two.

Amazon affiliate marketing, it is easy to register and you can choose from varieties of shops or any products of your choice and get the code to paste it in your site where you want Amazon products to be shown, it is advisable to place Amazon codes on the of your website so that it will be the first thing your visitors will see, you can have as many advertising Amazon banners on your website ranging from their free bounty, 30 Days free trial for prime video, movies, books and cloths among others, choose your products wisely so your visitors will be tempted to click and visit Amazon to buy the product. Once they buy, you will earn an affiliate percentage. Amazon does not pay for impressions or clicks but they pay for actions. In this case, it means the visitor clicked your link, hover around Amazon website and buy an Amazon product, it doesn't matter when but once it's your link they visited from, whatever they decide to buy, you will earn commissions for it. Ads fraud will not work on Amazon because it doesn't pay for impressions and clicks. Anotherone is Konga, you can sign up on Konga Affiliate program, but as of now, we are not sure if they're approving websites yet because some have been pending without approval, before it used to be three days and you will receive a feedback but things and models of operations have changed in literally every business now, even some monetizations platforms are no more approving new websites for now because of the current world emergency or lack of workers. For Nigerians, Konga is not a choice for an affiliate program, if Jumia does not accept you then keep on trying.

Placing advertisements on your website.

Do you know this is also another good way of earning money from your website? All you have to do is make a logo or a display write up and type a message on an image, put on it "Advertise with us" write your domain name, for example, type your reachable contact for example [email protected] so you can be reached and then upload it anywhere on your website, Another way to make it very known is to upload it at the end of every of your post. Or at the bottom of your pages.

Promoting businesses or other brands. You can earn from your website or blog by promoting businesses on your site, when you are contacted, go through the business or what you are contacted to promote to make sure it is not sc *am, before accepting it to promote. Because promoting a bad business or brand just because of a one time money will ruin your whole brand name immediately which you have taken time to build, and It is very difficult to rebuild a reputation for a brand just as it's difficult to build one, and people won't trust your personal promoted businesses or brands anymore. You should have a Disclaimer de-associating yourself and your brand from the promoted business you're promoting so that anything that happens afterwards you won't held responsible or liable for any damages. Disclaimer are good to have on every promotions most especially for legal issues, or link and direct everything to the promoted site.

Selling your products.You can be a Self trader, by buying and selling your own products on your own website placed on your homepage, or anywhere. You can buy things at a very cheaper price on Amazon, eBay, Aliexpress, Alibaba or Jumia and sell them at an increased price to make good money. Buy from above popular shopping stores that have a return policy incase a faulty product is delivered to you, you won't have to loose. Try to avoid Konga incase of resell, because they do not offer any of the services. Reselling on your website is a good idea for earning money too.

If you don't have a website or blog yet then read on how to create a blog and website here.How to create a free blog website.You can create a blog or personal website and be engaging it from time to time and in few months or years you will see how profitable it will be to your career.