JUST IN: Brazil reports over 54,000 new coronavirus cases, the highest daily increase of any country since the pandemic began. While USA alone has more than 25% of the world's total coronavirus cases reported.

Brazil has become the second most infected countries on the list with almost 1.1 million cases. After the country reported more than 54,000 cases in a single day, the highest since the global pandemic. USA have almost 2.3 million cases alone with 121,407 reported fatalities, while Brazil, also leading in figures have 49,090 fatalities according to Worldmeters.info.

Most countries who lifted lockdown earlier while an increasing surge in figures includes Brazil, USA, among others. And the world figure as of the time of this report is 8,782,899 cases and 463,015 fatalities.

Are we expecting a second wave? There's being some speculations that the world may be going in for a second wave, as presently there's no country in lockdown despite daily huge increase of figures, UK is already making arrangements as to re-open schools among others, while many local businesses have re-opened.

A second wave is a situation whereby following after the first surge in case and fatality, and the world or a country are in a lockdown suddenly relax the lockdown due to low reported cases or other factors, but after the relaxation there's a huge surge in cases and fatalities surpassing the previous one. The country is then forced to go back in lockdown (safety precautions) in other to stop the massive spread again. Yes we have first wave, the first one which we have all experienced, there's a second wave and in rare cases a third wave. India has announced plans to go back to lockdown (second wave) because of huge increase in cases.

Coronavirus in Africa have skyrocket by 100% since they ended lockdown, starting from Ghana, and South Africa, as of early may Africa had more than 100,000 case and today Africa have 285,914 cases, however with less than ten thousands fatality, 7,683 fatalities so far have been reported.

Nigeria have started reporting cases nearing 1000 from less than 500 since the country confirmed its index case. With 19,147 cases as of today and 487 fatality so far recorded. However the country recovery rate has not been as speedy as other African countries. With the epicenter being in Africa's largest city Lagos sate with over 20 million residents. While Abuja has only confirmed 1,489 case in total. Africa news reported 132,650 people have recovered in Africa. South Africa have almost 40% of the cases in Africa with over 87,000 cases recorded so far.