The following features, since inception of Twitter have not been available on Twitter. But, however can be found on WhatsApp for a limited time.

Edit tweets - you can not edit a tweet once you send a tweet. A lot of people make mistake on their tweets but in other to correct the mistake they use the star * symbol to show correction above the tweets same as WhatsApp but in WhatsApp you still have up to 3 minutes or more to delete your Direct Message before the recipient reads it, when you delete it, you can now then type the message again. Although you can delete a WhatsApp message that have stayed for days too, but in other to do this, you will need to bring back the time of your phone to the date of that message while turning off your data then you will see the delete for both option, after deleting it, you can now turn back your data and update your time to see the message deleted for both of you.

Bookmark folders. Twitter do not have Bookmark folders in their bookmarks. They all align together in an ascending format from the date bookmarked.

Delete DM. You can not delete a direct message or a message sent privately to someone, once you send a message on Twitter, it is not delete-able but you can however delete the message from your own end and for you alone and not for the other user as WhatsApp will ask you if you want to delete a message for both. So be careful what you send and who you send to.

In some cases, Twitter removes likes and retweets and till date we do not know if it is a bug or a deliberate action. When you post a tweet and you receive some likes or retweets, after some times, some of the likes or retweets may stop disappearing. Probably because the users who liked or retweeted that tweets has being suspended as Twitter have zero tolerance for spam accounts or other deceptive activities.

This is Why your followers keeps reducing. Twitter checks users accounts from time to time, to make sure some of the users are not bots generated, so if you obtain your followers from a bot system, Twitter will keep detecting and removing them. Just as YouTube detects bot subscribers and remove them and in some cases terminates the account. Twitter also does not tolerate follow for follow, so if you're doing this then you will need to use your IQ and not do it much because too much of it will make your account suspended, at first Twitter may Suspend you for 3 days for deceptive or spam actions (follow for follow) or following a large number of people at the same time or within a short period of time. Or unfollowing massively at the same time, Twitter will Suspend you for this. And with time your account is suspended for a very long while. Also using applications downloaded from Playstore to help you Unfollow or follow massively will be worse in this situation. As Twitter already know when a normal user is unfollowing someone or following someone. And likewise when someone is using an automated system to do those activities, Social media giants like YouTube have a stronger system in detecting and deleting or suspending users using automated systems to carry out deceptive or spam activities. So do not use automated systems.

Live Video - Twitter users can now go live on their mobile devices but this feature have not been enrolled on Android or some iPhones like iPhone 6s plus downwards. We tested the features on Android 9 (vivio V17 pro) and iPhone 6s plus (version 12.4.7) and the "Go Live" option is not available or compatible on this devices. But you can however go live using Twitter's Periscope App.

How to go live on Twitter using an Android Phone or iPhone 6.

  • Go to Playstore or Apple Store.
  • Download the Periscope App?(it is owned by Twitter).
  • Login on Periscope using your Twitter account.
  • Tap the camera option.
  • Type what the the Live Stream is all about as it is initiating live streaming. On "What's Happening"
  • Choose the audience you want to watch you live, public or private. And adjust your features.
  • Then go Live.

You can however not go live on WhatsApp in other to go live, you have to use its fathering app Facebook to go live, then share the live video on your WhatsApp status to for your friends and family to watch you live on Facebook. WhatsApp currently do not have the live video feature.

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