Twitter has introduced an amazing feature, for the first time users will be able to tweet with their voice, the Twitter Voice Note will enable users to now send a tweet with their voice without typing. and Apple has also updated their Siri assistant, The Siri Secret Voice Recorder will help you to store a secret conversion carried between you and the policemen or other persons.

Twitter announced earlier today that they have enrolled a Twitter Voice Note feature which means you can now tweet a tweet using your voice, this feature has been enrolled only on IOS for now and it will be available on Android devices as soon as possible. But for now, the feature is limited only to IOS devices.

The second feature is the "Hey Siri, I am getting pulled over". This iPhone feature is to help it's users secretly record voice conversations between you and whoever pulled you over (Police to be precise). With the recent happenings between police officers and citizens, this feature is a great feature to record and store conversations as an evidence, just by saying hey Siri, you're getting pulled over. We see a great deal about this iPhone feature and you should used to it if you're an iPhone user.

  • How to use the Twitter Voice Note?
  • You will need to first of all update your twitter application from the IOS App Store.
  • Then login into your Twitter account.
  • Click the tweet icon.
  • Instead of typing words or alphabets click the first option before the "image icon where you used to click to import an image to Twitter".
  • Then you will record your voice.
  • And tweet. (That's all you need to do in other to use the Twitter voice note feature).

Kindly note that this feature is only for iPhone users for now, and there's no release date for Android users yet. However Twitter is yet to make a comment if this feature will be enrolled to Android or not, already there are numerous features that you can find on Twitter for iPhone that you can not see them on Twitter for Android and there's no possibility this features will be find on Android devices anytime soon.

Updated June 18th, 2020.

If you want to enjoy any of these features on your iPhone or you can't see the tweet with your voice on your iPhone then it is because you haven't updated your Twitter App from the App store, or you're using the old version of IOS.

To update your IOS device to enjoy some of these features. You need to go to settings. Go to General. Go to Software Update. Then update your IOS version to the latest version you see available. If you do not see any available versions to upgrade then you will see a note telling you your device software is up to date.

Download using data or wifi. If you can't install your own latest IOS version after download then you should see the reason below the "Install Now". Most at times it's because your phone battery is below 50% and upgrade requires more than 50% battery to function or install completely without stopping on the way.

Device Compatibilities

Note that the Twitter Voice Note (tweet with a voice) is not available for iPhone 5, and iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s plus downwards. We will update the device compatibility as we test it on more devices.