There are four types of wealth that each wealthy person falls into. Financial wealth, social wealth, time wealth, and physical wealth. We will briefly discuss how to achieve each one and why it's important to acquire two or more of this type of wealth.

Financial wealth is the money which you have earned over time, and most people consider it the ultimate wealth because they say if you have money, you have everything. That is completely false, if you have money, you are only able to acquire the things money can buy or manipulate which includes buying anything you want, eating a good diet, taking good care of yourself.

But here are some important things money or wealth can not buy or do.

  • Money can not buy good health - but can however get you good health care.
  • Money can not cheat death.
  • Money can not buy love.
  • Money can not acquire a peaceful home. But it can get you a woman.
  • You can not buy the following with money. Wisdom, good judgment, knowledge, and experience.
  • Nor, can money buy respect and loyalty.

So when you're financially wealthy, just know you have only acquired the wealth of money and the things money can buy or achieve.

Being financially wealthy can happen even overnight E.g like those who win lotteries, and the likes, while a stable financial wealth is built from scratch.

Physical wealth is the health status of your life, and it is the cheapest way possible to acquire if you're dedicated, almost everyone is entitled to physical wealth but along the line, some people lose focus or guidelines to remain physically wealthy. It is advisable for everyone to be exercising at least daily to remain physically fit while checking on your diet and lifestyle behaviors (very important) in other to maintain a good status.

Social wealth. This is the social status you have acquired either through an appointment, official office, social media status (media networking, or online influencer), you can also gain social status through activism, It is the status which you are widely known for a particular purpose. Social Status is also the honor you tend to achieve in the society with your position. Do you know it's also easy to acquire a social status?by putting up the work on something you're good at? It could be criticism, writing, or a kind of handwork.

When you're recognized for that particular thing, you have achieved a social status. It is very important to acquire a social status. you can buy a social status with money but however can not buy loyalty or respect obtained by that status, likewise, you can acquire money with your social status through projects, appointments and, other influence. Social status is equivalent to influence.

Time wealth. This is the freedom of your own life, you take control over your time, you can do whatever you want whenever you want and how you want it, you are not under the pressure or obliged when you have reached the time wealth status, you can go to work anytime you want (obviously it's either you're the Boss at this stage or enjoying your pension period).

Others Have debated other additional types of wealth, which is spiritual wealth(the freedom from entanglements, ego, temptations, and material trappings, it is also the life of self-fulfillment).

Relationship or love wealth is the act of closeness, to love everyone around you and be loved back. And mental wealth is to be peaceful and enjoy happiness at all times. It is safe to say it is good to make sure you tap into all of this wealth and to enjoy your life.