† There are various ways of effective advertising methods which you have never probably thought about, this types of advertising has an audience reach of more than 4 billion people and the list includes Newspaper, Magazine, Television, Radio, Directories, Outdoor and Transit, and Online Advertising. Wait, Before you make a decision, find out about the result which they can bring.

Newspaper: More than 56 Million Newspapers are printed and bought daily across the world. In total, 2.5 Billion people are reported to be reading the newspaper regularly.†By newsbrandsireland.

Over 500 million people read printed and digital copies of newspapers, while printed copies are mostly bought by elderly people who may not have access to the internet or because it's their preference. Digital newspapers are also hugely sold on a daily basis. A newspaper is a good way of advertising and having your advertisement actually read in detail instead of the snappy online advertising has limited words to use per page. Newspaper advertising is usually placed on the front cover of the page, at the back cover of the page, or in between pages, so it is hard for your advertisement to be ignored unlike online advertising that people skip through or only take a glance. And it is usually very cheap per inch depending on your budget, some local newspaper charges $15 per inch for a colorful advert.

Magazine: Magazine has been one of the most popular and most effective advertising which has its own cons and pros. Magazines are mostly read by average class people or high-class people. when going for a magazine advertising, you should target the cover or the back cover, which means there's no way your Advert will be seen and ignored, most Adverts are created for the purpose of awareness. When you have a wide awareness, then you will start getting recommendations. Most especially when you use the right sources or credible sources for awareness. But as the sayings goes. No awareness at all is no awareness. So go for any kind of awareness you can afford. The U.S to date has the world's largest percentage of magazine readers. With only Times Magazine having more than 20 Million readers in the US. While the magazine remains another good way of advertising, there are cons in using Magazine advertising.

  • †Magazines are usually expensive.
  • Not accessible everywhere like the newspaper.
  • It has a limited number of readers.
  • Magazines are not printed daily like the newspaper.
  • In the US, only 7,218 were printed in the whole year of 2018.†According to Statista.
  • The Age group, as of 2012, the highest percentage of readers was 88 percent.
  • Your targeted audience matters a lot when going for a magazine.

Radio: Radio advertising has got to be the best among this list, obviously, each one is good but radio? The best and i think most people don't know this yet or have considered it an old fashion way of advertising because it has been there for decades, but this is why radio advertising is still one of the best firm of advert.

  • 90% of taxi drivers which include Uber and other commercial vehicles listen to radio, or tune in to local radio stations while driving, for news, music, and many other entertainments to keep them busy or the passenger entertained.
  • There is a total number of 1.2 Billion commercial vehicles and passenger cars worldwide.†Statista reported 335, 190, 000 million commercial vehicles and 947, 080, 000 million passenger cars as of 2015.

In the U.S.A, approximately 9.9 billion trips were taken by public transportation in 2018, and the number of transportation vehicles have increased over the years.

  • Each day these public transportations are used by billions of people, and more than 50 billion trips are taken worldwide per year.
  • These commercial cars uses radio stations, this excludes the number of people who uses radio at home or in their offices.

So using a radio form of advertisement will give you a very effective result and most especially awareness. You just have to follow the procedures below if you want to, and make a good timing decision.†What may interest you to know is that they're not as expensive as you may think. For example,†

Cost of a radio advertisement. Placing a radio station advert may depend on the location you are or you want.

  • The radio station coverage area, nationwide or only inter-state.
  • The customers or audience of the radio station.
  • The seconds or minutes you want (Radio adverts are bought in minutes or seconds)
  • The daily preference time you want. (Morning, afternoon, or evening) each time mostly has different listeners as a student or school teacher and lecturer will likely not listen to the radio in the afternoon because of classes or a Doctor at work during the daytime. But will likely be free in the evening. So your timing is a huge contributor in giving you the maximum results you want.

Cost of radio advertisement, after making the above choices, it may cost you for a minimum of $30 to $50 per 60 seconds or 1 minute of Advert for a local radio station. This is depending on the above features.

  • The price of radio advert in Lagos or Abuja ranges from N10,000 minimum per 60 seconds. While in 2012, It was gathered to be a minimum of N6,500 per 1 minute in Lagos State (on Wazobia FM). That is less than $15 per minute.