The Internet is the beginning of innovation, it brought a lot of new opportunities when it comes to business and how the world has advanced. Many companies improved traditional business models, and those who didn't adapt get left behind. Most things improved from traditional fashion to a digital or modern method.

Almost every business can benefit from the internet. Websites, sales funnels, digital advertising. are all a great way to take almost any business to the next level. (Internet Explorer)

Internet Transformed Advertising: Let's briefly talk about digital advertising, before the emergence of the internet, do you know what was used as a form of advertising? Or passing a message across? It was "Town crying" in the British historical, a Town Crier was a person who was employed by a town council to make public announcements in the streets and from house to house. This was the easiest way the British Empire used to pass a massive message across the kingdom. Then years pass by, there was an old system of billboard as a model of advertising or passing a message across, it was posted in the streets, on small polls, in bars and restaurants. This form of billboard was slightly different from the billboard we see or know today. It wasn't that large, it was just in small minimum size that you need to move a bit closer to view it. Then with the invention of the mechanical computers by Charles Babbage in the 19th century, and the high-speed printer, billboards could now be printed in large formats. 

But with the emergence of the internet and social media, billions of people have run advertisements without the billboard form of advert. 

The Cost - an average cost of electronic billboard ranges to thousands of dollars, for example in New York, an average price for advertising is reported to be from $10,000 to a sum of $20,000. But you can use $500 or even $5 and run an advert on social media. The Facebook advert starts from $2 or $1.5 above for a day to reach thousands of people in your chosen region, country, sexes, and you're given the options to make your audience preference, you can choose to display your message, business advert only to male audience or only female audience. Do you see how the internet has changed even the game of cost for things? The Internet has made things cheaper, more affordable, and very accessible. So if you're looking forward to maximizing your spends in business and everything then you will have to be looking at the direction or from every angle where it will include the internet, and at every moment.

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Accessibility - The earliest form of sending a message across which was either through a town crier or an old method billboard is now gone. Or even through a bird, yes, birds, messages were written in a small paper and folded then tied to the leg of a bird to fly to a destination and deliver a special message from a distance. But all that is gone now with the innovation of the internet and social media. 

We searched on Google "how long does it take a message to deliver on social media?" I didn't find an answer, so I used the stopwatch to try and count how long it will take for my message to deliver on WhatsApp Messenger, approximately, it takes less than 5 milliseconds for a message to deliver on social media or on the internet, however, this may be influenced by the speed of your internet speed or network. It may be less or it may be longer, depending on your network speed. This applies to post on the internet, Now what used to take days to deliver information across now takes less than a second. That is how accessible and easy the internet has innovated the world. 

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