Just In: The largest German airline with a total number of 138,353 employees worldwide as of 2019 but presently reported to be more than 135,000 is set to cut 22,000 jobs. According to the company, there will be slow recovery speed and only less than 100 airplanes will be available. Half of the jobs to be cut are going to be in Germany while complying with the union. The company the current economy crisis while saying it will do everything in other to reinstate jobs when things are over.

Another Canadian airline, Bombardier with over 65,000 jobs said the company has cut 600 jobs in Northern Ireland, it pleaded with staff to understand the need for the redundancy.

1.5 million Americans have filed for new unemployment. Increasing the US unemployment rate by more than 1% in a day. Totaling a figure of 44, Million which is highly impacted by the pandemic. 28% of Americans have enrolled in the Department of Labour as unemployed. This is the worse unemployment rate in US history since the Period of the Great Depression. And it is rising by more than 1 million per 2 weeks according to the Data shown on the Department of Labour.

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The UN international Labour said 1.6 Billion will be unemployed due to the coronavirus pandemic. Germany's present unemployment rate stands at 5.8%. while more than 7.2 Million Canadians have applied for an emergency assistance from the government.