This list we cover a Visa bulletin of things you should consider before applying for Visa. Most of us have had plans to either relocate to another country or apply for a Work Visa and also get a residence permit. But if you do not consider some of these things before relocating or leaving your country, you may end up regretting your choice.

1. The first on the list is security, there are only a few countries now that are not battling with security issues and considered tourism safe, some of the countries are already in a very critical state but from the outside everything seems fine.

We are going to evaluate each country from a different region as an example of a lack of security and safety threats.

For example, Libya used to be one of the finest countries for tourism, it was very welcoming to the outside world and was a safe haven with securities, but the once oil rich country with nicest buildings is now a failed state, with destroyed buildings due to militants crash and the rest, Libya is declared unsafe for tourism since 2011, and EU travel safety keep updating and warning travelers about traveling to around the region, all travel advisers have warned tourists and job seekers to stay clear out of Libya, its security condition is uncertain and unpredictable as the single country is now divided and parts ruled by mafias. Libyan crisis started in 2011 which resulted in the killing of their leader Muammar Gaddafi, and since then the country has been in shambles. Safety and Travel Security in UK Gov warned of current intimidation, killings, the kidnapping of journalists, and other hostilities. Travel and Safety Guide by UK gov warns tourist. Foreign travel advise by UK gov warns tourists of unsafe countries.

2. Another factor is the Cost of living.

Cost of living about the country - This is very important, and very easy to access on Google, because you may relocate to a country that has easy Visa requirements without checking the cost of living, let's say you are to be earning at least $4000 a month in the new country, but the cost of living ranging from apartments, bills, foods, cloths are expensive then you will end up spending most of your monthly earnings on without saving nothing at all during your stay in that country.

Let's use Canada as an example, relocating or applying for Visa in Canada is very easy, and there are fewer requirements and less stress than 70% of other nice countries. But did you know that the cost of living is very expensive that Canada is considered more expensive than 71% of other countries in the world? (25 out of 84)?

Monthly rent in an expansive area in Canada is $2,270 Canadian dollars, now times the amount by 12 months (1 year) the cost is C$27,240. However, there are cheaper ones paid C$1500 above. Estimated to be standard C$1,767 by Expatisan. This is only for monthly rent excluding monthly utilities (electricity bills) which is about $200. Cost of living in Canada by Expatisan.

So you will need to consider the Job income you're going for if it will cover your cost of living and you will still be able to save.

3. National Laws about Lifestyle, Sex and Beliefs, if they prohibit your lifestyle. 

Lifestyle in this context mean the things you do and are part of your life, let's say for example LGTBQ, there are at least 71 countries where gays are still illegal.

And some of these countries have strict rules, some offer the death penalty, while some offer a maximum amount of jail terms like Nigerian anti-gay or anti-same-sex law jails anyone found in the act for a maximum of 14 years in jail. It is so far the most harshest punishment in Africa, Nigeria also has homophobes that are naturally homophobic including some of its celebrities like Simi, a Nigerian female singer who is an anti-gay/or dislikes gay acts. So Gays coming to Nigeria must keep their lifestyle identity a secret, however South Africa is generally a welcoming gay country and is considered one of the safest place for tourism except for other Black African countries because the country is generally a xenophobic country.

4. Alcohol ban in some countries. 

Alcohol is banned in many countries, which majority of them are Muslim countries. This is the list so far Saudi Arabia, Libya, Kuwait, Mauritania, Yemen, Somalia, and Sudan.

In Saudi Arabia, The authorities do not tolerate alcohol both for tourists and residents, it is completely banned and considered illegal, violators are punishable by fine or worse. Read Safety guide of alcohol in Saudi Arabia. Drinking alcohol in some of these countries may result in sending you in jail.

5.Another Lifestyle is religious beliefs.

Some countries are a bit hostile to some beliefs including worshipping, For example, in China, some religious groups are not registered by the government and such religions faces severe punishments including imprisonment or in worse cases torture to death, while some religions in China and India are being discriminated. According to Wikipedia Freedom of religion in China. There is no freedom of religion in China - so make sure your religion or beliefs is accepted if you're traveling to places like China, and others.

Late, last year, there were reports of China executing Uighurs Muslims and holding over 1 million people in a camp, surprisingly the Uighurs are still being held in camp and are not allowed to explore some rights, there are hundreds of petitions being signed now on to free them, according to Washingtonpost. How China corralled Uighurs in to camps.

India is also on this table, there seems to be a seasonal religious crisis between Muslims and Hindus. So the place of your relocation should be friendly to your religion.

6. Another factor is language and communication.

You should also consider the language of the country you're moving into, research if they speak your English. The world population is presently 7.8 Billion and only 1.5 Billion people speak the English language, out of which about 400 million speak English as their native language or first language, the rest fall under borrowing or second language.

Now imagine relocating to a country that majority doesn't speak English or your native language, you will need to be looking for a translator each time or use Google translator for writings or other devices that translates voices to English as they are spoken. You may receive documents or other papers to sign or read through terms and conditions and you will not understand a thing. Well, thanks to Google translator which can translate all languages. But is it 100% accurate? No. It isn't.

This list will be updated with more information on things to consider before relocating to another country most especially us visa applications. SHARING IS SPREADING TO HELP, CLICK THE SHARE ICONS BY YOUR LEFT AND SHARE IT! 

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